Brian Mattison

Brian Mattison, chef and owner of Across the Row Bistro, located at 8 East Park Row in Clinton, has traveled and cooked his way throughout the country. Building a career out of opening successful restaurants for other people and companies, Mattison finally opened a place of his own in 2012.

Fusing his experience working with wild game as a head chef in New Jersey, with seafood in Baltimore, and with Cajun and Creole flavors in New Orleans, created an eclectic menu that showcases Mattison’s audacious appetite for life.

“My food is the regionality of where I’ve been. It’s the fabric of my time in New Orleans, my heavy Italian influence from growing up in East Utica, and my cutting-edge style required in Philadelphia,” Mattison Said.” Our area demands more than steak on a plate; they want an incorporation that crosses styles and intrigues their palate, and, now that we have suppliers recognizing the demand for fresh fish, meat and vegetables, we’re able to bring them the bigger trends from cities and adapting them to what people are looking for.”

As you might expect of a seasoned chef and traveler, Mattison’s hands are involved in every aspect of his establishment, and he’s already booked trips to Italy and New Orleans in the coming months, making his upcoming spring/summer menu worthy of anticipation.